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HPE II is an electronic portable hardness tester. The body is made of strong and light aluminum alloy. The contact pressure value designed by this instrument is completely in accordance with the official standard, and the measurement time can be adjusted to 0-99 seconds. This durometer has an electronic display with sound assistance to determine the measurement time and some testing errors. Our patented handle simulation system ensures a standard load and greatly improves the stability of a manual test. The measured data storage allows to store 300 results. After the measurement is done, the result will be saved automatically. The display will show “M” for memory. The saved data can be transferred with a data output RS 232 to a PC. This HPE II is suitable for production line personnel to make rapid and accurate hardness measurements for large area elastomers, large finished parts, or standard test pieces.


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  • Automatic Operating Stand BSA for handheld hardness testers HP, HPE II and HPE III

    The set comes with a stand and a motor driven loading unit.

    The advantage of being automatic:

    • Descending speed of 3.2 mm/s in accordance with the standard
    • Automatically applied loadforce acc.
    • DIN ISO 7619, DIN EN ISO 868, ASTMD 2240

    Bareiss offers three models:

    BSA 400 - Contact pressure: 400 g
    for the methods
    Shore 00 | 000 | 000-S | AM | M

    BSA 1000 - Contact pressure: 1 kg
    for the methods
    Shore A | B | E | A0 | 0 | Variant C | Asker F

    BSA 5000 - Contact pressure: 5 kg
    for the methods
    Shore D | D0 | C | CS


    DIN ISO 7619 / DIN EN ISO 868 / NF EN ISO 868 / ASTM D 2240 / JISK 6253

    Download Line Sheet
    BS 61 II test stand
    The Bareiss test stand is determined for series of measurements and serves for picking up the manual  hardness testers acc. to Shore - both, mechanical  and digital types. The pick-up device of the test stand allows a quick and easy clamping of the hardness tester. Fig.: BS 61 II test stand in connection with the HPE II
    Check device for HP and HPE II
    In compliance with ISO 9000 the user is  obliged to a regular control of his measuring equipment. With the check device the accuracy of Shore hardness testers is controlled. It allows a quick control of the spring force in steps by ten for the measuring ranges Shore A/B/0/C/D/DO and L, L/c. DIN 53 505, EN ISO 868, NF EN ISO 868, ASTM D2240, JIS K 6253.
    Control Ring Shore
    Control of the measuring distance with DAkkS/DKD / WKS Certificate
    • 20 Shore
    • 40 Shore
    • 60 Shore
    • 80 Shore
    DAkkS/DKD Calibration Certificate
    When a measuring instrument is being calibrated, the given deviation is determined by various measurements versus standard references. A calibration certificate is then issued indicating the measuring results and the corresponding measurement uncertainties and the instrument is marked as calibrated. All documents together with the calibration certificate provide traceability of national standards.
    DAkkS/DKD calibration certificate - Sample
    Hardtest – the test – and evaluation software program
    Applicable for all electronic Bareiss testing devices with a serial interface. The programme contains all functions which are necessary for a faultless process Software-Documentation
    Reference Plates Shore
    Standard rubber blocks are used to ensure the metrological capability of the measuring device acc. to Shore during the frequency of recalibration. The rubber blocks are embedded in a  holder made of stainless steel. Scope of delivery: single, 3, 5 or 6 plates including DAkkS/DKD calibration certificate