Rubber plays a very important role in many industrial applications. Taking the oil seal in the engine as an example, its hardness and quality are absolutely related to its sealing and durability, which can affect the life of the module and even the whole engine. The physical properties of elastomers vary with the temperature environment. Therefore, it has become very important to simulate the elastomeric hardness test under the influence of different temperatures. The model provides a new test concept for DT Chamber products, allowing rubber to do precise Shore and international hardness (IRHD) tests at different temperatures. The DT Chamber integrates the function of hardness test and temperature control, and can be used for single or continuous test and even automatic test according to the self-designed experimental scheme.
Can in - 70 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ (or change) in accordance with the actual demand to do hardness test or rubber lagging resilience (IRHD) test; Temperature control box can be customized according to special application; Multi-point test can be done on the same sample/standard sheet under different temperature Settings. Large turntable with a capacity of up to 25 standard (customizable) pieces; It can be switched to manual test mode. The core parts of the product, such as the head action module and the electronic unit, are outside the temperature box.


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